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Florida Branch

James S. Lansing
[email protected]

Posted November 27, 2014

The Florida Branch will hold its annual meeting on Sunday February 1, 2015 at Admiral's Cove in Jupiter Florida. For more information please contact James Lansing, Branch President at [email protected]

Posted October 11, 2013

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Florida Branch will hold its annual reception and luncheon at a new venue in Jupiter, Florida, on Saturday, February 8, 2014. The Admiral’s Cove Country Club is one of the premier Florida clubs. The grounds, marina, golf courses, and public areas are exceptional. Our cocktail reception will be held overlooking the marina. Invitations will be sent early in November. For reservations and information kindly contact James Lansing, Branch President, at 954-943-4313 or [email protected]




On Saturday, January 28, 2012, The Holland Society of New York enjoyed a marvelous luncheon and cocktail reception at the Atlantis Country Club in Lake Worth, Florida. With 32 reservations, Jim Lansing, Branch President, welcomed all in attendance. Charles Zabriskie, Jr., President of the Society, spent a few minutes bringing everyone up to date with the progress of the Society in meeting its mission statement of enriching the Robert G. Goelet Library, upgrading archives, and resuming twice a year scholarly presentations before members, fellow Dutch societies, and historians. Your President made a number of very positive statements but continues to be concerned with the need to bolster our membership.

Present at the luncheon was Roland Bogardus, former President of the Society and his guest; Bob Banta and his wife, Virginia; Richard W. Lent, the recipient of his 50-year membership pin at last year’s annual meeting; and Richard G. Post and his wife, Helen, of Vero Beach, a long-time supporter of the Society’s mission and another member of the “50-year-club,” along with John and Janet Voorhis, Trustee Emeritus and still another member of the “50-year-club.” Other attendees included Jack and Claire Schermerhorn from Evanston, Illinois, a member of the Midwest Branch. Jack delivered an inspiring historical perspective of the early years of the Netherlands along with some wonderful World War II anecdotes. His talk was welcomed and applauded by all. David Smock returned from Weston, along with his grandson, Michael Daniels, while Everett and Alice Van Hoesen traveled from Naples and were joined by their son, Mark, from Jupiter. Still other members and Friends included Carter Nevius and his guest, Patricia Anderson; Shirley R. Longstreet from Jupiter; Alan Deyoe, Jr. of Boynton Beach and his son; and, finally, we were glad to see, once again, Catherine C. Baker, a lovely lady who hails from Jupiter.

Seven bottles of wine were presented to the attendees, along with four upscale gifts from Walker Zabriskie Furnishings of Palm Beach. Walker wasn’t present this year since he was in Connecticut visiting with his mother, who is convalescing from a recent illness. Walker resides in Palm Beach and Bali. Still further, Jim Lansing presented six lovely table floral arrangements to members and Friends.

Some hours after the event Dick Post commented in a congratulatory letter that he had never been to a meeting where the attendees received so many gifts to take home, along with their fond memories.

Once again, hats off to Florida’s President, James S. Lansing, of Pompano Beach.

Front (left to right): Claire Schermerhorn, Virginia Banta, Richard Lent (seated),
and to his right Bob Banta
Background (left to right): Dick Post, Everett Van Hoesen and his son,
Mark Van Hoesen, and Helen Post


James S. Lansing to Become
Florida's New Branch President

I am extraordinarily pleased to announce that James S. Lansing of Pompano Beach has been
appointed President of the Florida Branch, effective immediately.

Jim is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo, as well as the graduate school at Northern Illinois University where he gained his MSEd, MA, and MFA degrees. He was a Visiting Professor at Ohio University , and for the last 28 years has been at Broward College where he sits on the Board of the Broward College Foundation and currently is President of the Faculty Senate. He has served in many leadership positions throughout the years in education and has been honored by his College on many occasions.

Jim possesses vision, has excellent organizational skills, and should provide the kind of leadership that is so important in the second largest branch of the Society in a large state where our members are scattered throughout Florida . Also, every effort will be made by the Office of the President of the Society and Jim to provide our members an opportunity to attend the outstanding meetings that the Florida Branch makes available during the month of January each year.

We had an excellent turnout this past January, with a number of members attending for the first time. I look forward to joining Jim at next year's Florida Branch meeting to support his efforts for The Holland Society.

Speaking for all of the Trustees and Branch Presidents throughout the country, we welcome Jim and wish him every success.

In discussions with Jim recently, he is already planning a luncheon in January of 2012, in all probability at the same location as 2011, since the Atlantis Country Club provided an outstanding venue with a superb luncheon and excellent service.

As you may know, I became President of The Holland Society of New York on Wednesday, April 6, in New York City at the Annual Meeting. The 12 resolutions, which were put forward by our Texas member, Patrick Van Pelt, were overwhelmingly defeated. Some time this week I plan to communicate to all members of the Society a detailed report of the successful Annual Meeting and, above all, the tremendous support I received upon being elected your President. I am confident we can make great progress in the years ahead and have already begun to make a number of changes which should bring both vitality and sustainability to our Society.

In January, I was honored to meet Florida member, Richard W. Lent, of Palm Beach Gardens , who has long been a loyal member. Richard attended Union College and practiced law.

Most recently, Richard Lent, along with his assistant, Tony Smith, flew up to New York to accept his 50-year pin, which I thought was extraordinary. Richard is confined to a wheelchair. Nevertheless, he flew up, booked a hotel, and made arrangements to come to the Annual Meeting and Dinner on Wednesday, April 6, at the Union Club. I was delighted to personally present Richard with his gold 50-year pin at the dinner. He is a member to be revered. His joy, humor, and conviction about the Society give me every confidence to go forward in making the necessary changes to make our Society vital in the future.

Charles Zabriskie, Jr.
The Holland Society of New York

Posted May 3, 2011

At the recent Annual Meeting held at the Union Club on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 , Charles Zabriskie, Jr. presented Richard W. Lent, a member of the Florida Branch and a resident of Palm Beach Gardens , with his 50-year pin. President Zabriskie was thrilled upon learning that Richard Lent planned to fly to New York to celebrate the receipt of his 50-year pin. As Charlie presented this award, he commented to all in attendance that Richard Lent is his hero, since Richard has been confined to a wheelchair for some time. Zabriskie also commented that Richard's coming to New York City was a true example of the devotion that many of our members possess.

Holland Society President, Charles Zabriskie, Jr., presenting 50-year pin to
Richard W. Lent of Palm Beach Gardens, Fl


January 22, 2011
Atlantis Country Club

Before a large gathering and following a delightful cocktail reception for 35 members, spouses, friends and guests, we were treated to an outstanding presentation by Andrew Hendricks, Chairman of the Board of the New Netherland Museum of Albany, New York. Andy, a practicing physician from Lumberton, North Carolina, covered many of the salient points of the early Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam with a slide presentation depicting the forts, lifestyle, leaders, and culture of the early Netherlands development of the Northeastern coastline. He discussed the building of the Half Moon , a replica of the original ship, which arrived in the very early years from The Netherlands with the first Dutch immigrants who landed at the base of Manhattan as we know it today. His talk was very well received. A similar presentation by Andy was made before the Niagara Frontier Branch several months ago.

Special gifts were presented to four of the luncheon attendees by Walker Zabriskie, a member of the Florida Branch. We were delighted to have Richard Lent of Palm Beach Gardens join us with his attendant, Tony, as well as his son, Ryck, who is a member of the New England Branch, who flew down to join his father for this important day. Six members of the New England Branch were present.

The Atlantis Country Club, food, ambiance, and service were outstanding. I couldn't have been happier with the arrangements, commented Charles Zabriskie, Jr., Branch President.
Zabriskie wishes to thank those who volunteered to make telephone calls to encourage attendance. They included Shirley Longstreet of Jupiter, Barbara Ditmars of Maitland, James Lansing of Pompano Beach , and James Ringo of Jensen Beach.

Attending the luncheon were: Patricia Anderson, Catherine Kit Baker, David Banta, Robert W. Banta, Virginia Banta, Joan Helen deKay, A. M. DeYoe, Jr., John R. V. Ditmars, Andrew Hendricks, Roland Cotter Krovoth, James A. Lansing, Colin Lazier, Barbara Lazier, Richard W. Lent, Ryck Lent, Shirley Longstreet, Carter Nevius, Michael Picoli, James J. Ringo, Tony Smith, David Smock, Helene Smock, Ruth Swanto, Mark Van Fleet, Jeanne Van Houten, Harold Van Voorhis, Kathie Van Voorhis, Bruce Van Voorhis, Dianne Van Voorhis, Abigail Winans, Chuck Winans, Charles Zabriskie, Jr., Walker Zabriskie.

Charles Zabriskie, Jr.
22 Salem Road
Wellesley Hills , MA 02481
(781) 235-2228 (phone)
(978) 465-1849 (fax)
[email protected] (e-mail)

Florida Branch celebrates the new year with a lively and successful
winter luncheon near Palm Beach on Saturday, January 22, 2011 .

Chuck and Abigal Winans, Shirley Longstreet

Ginny and Bob Banta


Andy Hendricks, James Lansing


Charles Zabriskie, Richard Lent (seated), Ryck Lent

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