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Potomac Branch

Chris Cortright
[email protected]

Posted December 11, 2015

Potomac Branch Meeting 2015

The Potamac Branch of the Holland Society met in Baltimore MD on Saturday October 15, 2015.

Chris Cortright, Dr. Bob Schenck, Dr. Firth H. Fabend, and Andrew Terhune


Posted April 5, 2013

Potomac Branch Dinner Meeting
March 1, 2013

A chilly Baltimore evening in March was not enough to keep away more than 20 spirited members and guests who attended the Potomac Chapter dinner meeting at The Maryland Club on March 1. Hailing from as far as Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts (none other than National President Charles Zabriskie, Jr.) as well as New York City, Washington, DC, Delaware, and northern Virginia, the crowd received greetings and news from Potomac Chapter President Christopher Cortright, followed by an invitation to the Paas Ball on March 15 in New York at the Racquet and Ball Club from current Holland Dames Directress Elbrun Kimmelman, who trekked all the way from New York on the train.

Following the (truly) outstanding steak and crabcake dinner at the club – graciously underwritten by longtime members Peter Van Dyke and son George Van Dyke -- special guest speaker Mark Croatti of George Wahington University shared his encyclopedic knowledge and fascinating stories regarding the forgotten 14 presidents of the United Colonies, who preceded the first Constitutional government and President George Washington.  Croatti induced brain waves with pulsing interest in his project about establishing a Continental Congress facility to celebrate this important, overlooked history.  Showing portraits of all 14 presidents and an interesting animation of the proposed facility, Croatti fielded many questions and expressed his interest in continuing a dialogue with our Society.

President Zabriskie kept an attentive audience before the meeting with drinks in the beautiful second floor lounge, as well as during, and then after the dinner when several of us hangers-on continued the repartee conversation and insights.  Meeting Cortright earlier for lunch at Gertrude’s restaurant at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Zabriskie shared aspects of his fascinating life and family and spoke warmly about his wife Star (whose mother and grandmother were also named Star) and his five sons.  Needless to say, the Potomac Chapter looks forward to the next meeting and seeing President Zabriskie again soon and helping keep the Society going strong.
Attending were Betty Anne Kane and husband Noel, John and Marilyn Voorhees, Peter and Judy Van Dyke, George and Beth Van Dyke, Elbrun Kimmelman, Mark Croatti, Darcie Rothwell, Ralph De Groff, Charles Zabriske, Jr., Lee and Mary Park, Christopher Cortright, Andrea DeLeon Cortright, Brad Cole, Holly Tomkins, and Leslie Swanson.


Holly Tomkins and Charles Zabriskie, Jr.

Holland Society President, Charles Zabriskie, Jr.

Elbrun Kimmelman, Brad Cole, Holly Tomkins, and Charles Zabriskie, Jr.

Potomac Branch Meeting
March 24, 2010

THE POTOMAC BRANCH of The Holland Society of New York held a meeting on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, at the Maryland Club's historic clubhouse in downtown Baltimore. Also invited to attend were members of the Holland Dames and their spouses. The evening commenced with libations and refreshments in one of the grand, interesting rooms covered in artwork on the second floor of the Maryland Club. Holland Society Members, Holland Dames, Friends of both societies, and their spouses, many in shades of orange and blue, made acquaintances, exchanged news, or caught up after a five-year absence of events.

Dinner, enjoyed among orange tulip centerpieces generously provided by Ralph L. DeGroff from the local “Dutch Connection” florist, began with a brief address by Baltimorean and Holland Dames Directress General Mary W. Park. Mrs. Park spoke about the current activities of the Holland Dames and the recent Quadricentennial celebrations in New York City. Branch President Cortright then thanked his predecessor, David Vandenberg, for his organizing skills. During dessert, Mr. Cortright asked Society Trustee and current Treasurer Ralph L. DeGroff to introduce Alvin Bernard “Buzzy” Krongard so that he could share his experiences as executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from 2004 to 2006, during the George W. Bush administration. Mr. Krongard, who had been a college roommate of Mr. DeGroff, is also a retired CEO of Baltimore's oldest investment firm, Alex Brown & Sons now Deutsche Alex Brown. Mr. Krongard provided a fascinating look into the inner workings of the CIA. He spoke about the vagaries of the intelligence world and its attendant difficulties in a free society. At the end of his presentation, Mr. DeGroff presented Mr. Krongard with a copy of Russell Shorto's book The Island at the Center of the World .

Those in attendance included Ralph L. DeGroff and his wife, Marion; Friend Betty Ann Kane and her husband, Noel; Holland Dames Directress General Mary W. Park and her husband, Dr. Lee Crandall Park; Potomac Branch President Christopher M. Cortright and his wife, Andrea A. DeLeon; Judson Smith and his wife and Holland Dame April Smith; Peter Van Dyke and his wife, Judy; George Van Dyke and his wife, Beth; Nancy Clark Smith; Louis Van Dyke IV and Louis Van Dyke V; Felicia Stidham, Nancy Kern and John Marsh; and Pamela and Henry Felton.



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