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Guide to Filling Out Membership Application

All applications must be filled out completely. The lineage portion need only be filled out to and including a person who is a past or present member, or to a person included in the lineage of a past or present member. If no such connection is known, then the full line back to your New Netherland ancestor is required. For example, if your father's brother was a Society member you would have to complete the lineage back to your father's father.
Each entry in the line of descent from the qualifying ancestor, or to the person included in an approved lineage of a past or present member, must be documented and tied in with the immediately preceding generation.

Preferred documentation consists of the following: copies of birth and death certificates; baptism and marriage records; wills; dated newspaper clippings of obituaries and announcements; photographs of gravestones showing birth and death dates; and data from secondary sources such as family genealogy or a country history which must be documented by citing title, author and specific pages.

If the reference is not available to the Committee on Genealogy, the citations must be photo copied and submitted with the application. Photocopies of secondary works must include the title page as well as pages supporting the claimed data. The reference “family records’ is not sufficient unless backed by documentary proof as stated above.

If adequate proof was submitted on a prior related application, the application may be used as a reference, but this does not negate the need for the applicant to submit a completed application. Copies of old related applications may be obtained by writing Society headquarters. The full resources of our extensive library are available to applicants on Saturday from 11:00 AM- to 4:00 P.M., or by appointment. Please state any relationship to members, past or present.

Completion of the application supplement concerning wives of ancestors is optional and not essential admission information: however any data you may be able to insert will be appreciated.

If you know a member who will propose you for membership, be certain to have him sign his name both on the line where the proposer's signature is required and also on the statement at the bottom of page 1, together with a statement by him vouching for your moral character. If you are unable to obtain a member or do not know one to propose you, have three acquaintances complete the character reference form which can be downloaded from the application page.

Send the completed signed application, completed character reference form, if required, and any needed documentation to Society headquarters.

Please do not send admission fees or dues with your application, which will be processed upon receipt by the Committee on Membership and the Committee on Genealogy before being submitted to the Board of Trustees for their consideration.


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