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Legacy Application

Legacy Applications

Legacy applications for membership are based on already proven lineages. Basically, any male who is directly-related to an existing or past member of the Society is considered a potential legacy. This includes sons, nephews, cousins, uncles, grandsons, grand nephews, etc. These "offspring" must be related through a proven male line.

In the case of close "relatives" the application process is much simpler, easier and quicker. All that is needed as documentation is verification of a familial link to an existing, or past/deceased member-by way of a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, or specifically cited and documented Census Record. The specific document may vary depending on the exact relationship involved.

Outlined below are a number of "samples" for Applicants that relate to four different scenarios. Take a look at these and determine which, if any, apply to your specific situation. If you find the one you need, simply download it for reference. You can also download a blank Application for Membership from our site, print the form, and complete it as suggested by the samples; secure the required documents; sign; obtain a sponsor (Branch Presidents can be contacted for help if a personal sponsor is not readily available); and mail the package to our New York office - indicating on the envelope that a membership application is enclosed.

Click here for an Application for Membership (pdf)

Click here for a Guide to Completing Membership Application(s) (pdf)

Click here for a Sample Legacy Application (Word Document)


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