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Members of The Holland Society

Members of the Holland Society of New York are males who are a descendant of an ancestor who lived in New Netherland before or during 1675. Members receive the Society's quarterly magazine de Halve Maen, as well as the Society Newsletter which reports on Society activities and events. The Holland Society's Library is available to members on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Holland Society librarian is a certified genealogist. Members may participate in Society programs, including attendance to our Annual Banquets, Memorial Church Service, and Branch Meetings. Member's names will be added to the mailing list of the Holland Society Branch in their area.

Annual and Life Membership dues options may be reviewed on this document,
Membership Options (pdf)

Click here for an Application for Membership (pdf)

Click here for a Guide to Completing Membership Application(s) (pdf)

As you begin your application process please use these documents, if required, to support your application.

Click here for Character Reference (pdf)

Click here for Spouse Supplement Form (pdf)

After you have completed the membership application process and been accepted as a member you may pay required initial admission fees and annual dues using the Paypal link below.

Schedule of dues and fees:
Annual Dues for Society Year commencing January 1, 2015                        $125.00
(Except for Life Members)

Annual Dues for those under age thirty  (ages 18 -29)                               $ 50.00

Junior (under age 18) onetime fee ($200) and free of dues until attaining $200.00
age 23
Annual Dues for Friends of the Holland Society                                            $75.00

Life Membership                                                                                  $ 4,500.00
(Payable if desired in three consecutive annual installments of $1,500 each)

Benefactor’s Society

All are invited to join the Benefactor’s Society by making a contribution of
$250 annually to provide sustainability for our Society in the years ahead.

Life Member plus Benefactor Membership:                                                    $250.00
Annual Dues plus Benefactor Membership:                                                    $375.00
Under thirty, Dues plus Benefactor Membership:                                           $300.00
Friend Dues plus Benefactor Membership:                                                     $325.00



For information on how to become a Member of the Holland Society of New York, please contact:

The Holland Society of New York
20 West 44th Street, Fifth Floor
New York, New York 10036
Tel: 212-758-1675
Fax: 212-758-2232
E-mail: [email protected]

The Holland Society of New York
20 West 44th Street, 5th Floor    New York, NY 10036
Tel: (212) 758-1675    Fax: (212) 758-2232