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Association with the Holland Society of New York is by two means: regular membership and "Friend" of the Holland Society.

You may be eligible to become a member if you are a descendant in the direct male line of an ancestor who lived in New Netherland before or during 1675. New Netherland ancestry is of many national origins, as evidenced by our most recently researched list of eligible Surnames on this page. Proven family lineages may facilitate an easier application process as many ancestor-linked requirements have already been satisfied. When applying for membership by way of proven lineage a Legacy application process is available, herein.

Prospective members should complete a Member Application Form herein, recognized references and sponsors are also required. Our Genealogy Committee can often provide assistance with completion of the application, offer advice about how to locate missing generations, and can help access professional genealogists if more investigation of resources is needed. Branch Presidents, Head Office staff and other members are also always happy to be of assistance and will respond to any reasonable request. Proposer and seconder should be members of the Holland Society, but if this poses a difficulty an arrangement can be made. While the requirement for membership is certainly stringent, the reward of a successful application is well worth the effort.

Both males and females interested in New Netherland history and traditions are invited to associate with the Holland Society by becoming "Friend" of the Holland Society. A Friend Application Form is submitted to the Aims and Purposes Committee and requires a statement of interest in the Society or New Netherland genealogy. In return for the annual dues Friends enjoy many services and privileges of the Society.

We invite you to associate with us and hope we can assist you in making that decision. In the meantime, please begin to meet our members by visiting our Profiles section on this page.

John T. Lansing, Chairman, Genealogy Committee
[email protected]

David D. Nostrand, Chairman, Aims and Purposes Committee
[email protected]

Robert W. Banta, Jr., Chairman, Membership Committee
[email protected]

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