Edwin Outwater III named Chairman, RAPP

At the Board of Trustees Meeting on March 13, 2008 Holland Society President John B. VanDerbeek IV suggested the formation of a new committee entitled Records Access, Preservation and Protection Project (RAPP) designed to preserve, protect and present "New York's First Records".

Edwin Outwater III was appointed chair of the ad-hoc committee bringing extensive experience in the recording archives industry to this task. Edwin is the President of the Pacific Northwest Branch of the Holland Society of New York. He spent thirty years in the entertainment industry with MGM, Polygram, Warner Bros., and Digital Theatre Systems in the studio, manufacturing and new technology area. After retiring in 1999, he began a series of conferences on Entertainment Asset Management, then, in 2003 founded a company specializing in media archive access and preservation.

This project will look at a number of issues relating to records preservation including in part:

  1. What is the goal of the Society re: stabilization/preservation, migration (to digital) of its assets? Is our charter to move beyond simple storage to real preservation?
  2. Present location(s) of assets: If multiple or unique, who is supervising and under what physical conditions are they being preserved, e.g. temperature, humidity, fire and/or flood protection? Do we know exactly what we have and where it is?
  3. Is there a database containing relevant metadata on the objects in our collection? If not do we need/want one?
  4. Condition of assets: Are they deteriorating? If so are some or all valuable enough to be treated to halt this deterioration? Can we produce a matrix correlating degree of risk and cultural value to determine which assets will be treated in what order?
  5. What is the intent of the society re: access by members and the public to our historical assets now and in the future? Do we know how we prefer it to be accomplished?

For more information contact Edwin Outwater at [email protected].


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